why man needs different cosmetics than woman’s


A modern successful man must look good beside a stable job, friend and family. Nowadays different cosmetic products have been developed for man and woman and the reason for that is not only different perception, but also different lifestyle and the number of scientific differences between man and woman’s skin.

A man’s skin is firmer and harder to exposures and richer in collagen which provides strength and firmness than women’s skin. The great differences in skin structure are due to differences in hormonal profile. A man’s outer protective layer i.e. epidermis is 20% thicker than woman’s.

Man’s skin is oilier and reasons for that are hormones which regulates sebaceous glands activity. But man’s skin is inclined to quicker cells renewal and less damage prone. The majority of men pay not so much attention to skin and hair care. The main factor damaging the skin is everyday shaving in the process of which hairs as well as skin particles are frequently cut off. Constant skin damaging provokes irritation, desquamation, dryness, skin tension making thereby the skin more sensitive. That why all men who prefer wet shaving are recommended to use not only shaving products (shaving cream or foam), but also after-shave balm or lotion. This will reduce negative influence on skin condition and make it look healthier.



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