Winners for the month of May, 2013


We have received and published articles of a mixed genre this month in Pinkjooz. We have published poems, a few informative articles about the new age technologies like tele-presence robots, some useful ones like free online games and making your PC safe, some interesting ones about human genes and Cannes Film Festival, 2013 and plenty of appetite reviving mouth watering recipes. Here is the list of articles that stood out among the rest:

1.   Beyond Backpacks : New era Bangalorean Geeks (Ramify)

2.  Say Cheese and Click (Divya) – A funny take on the role of photographers in Indian marriages

3. The Goo Face Twit Syndrome (Weird Guy) – A scary thought on what the future might hold for us.

4. Tofu vs Paneer – a Real Battle on Nutritional Ground (Panda) – A useful account of the differences between tofu and paneer.

5. Evolution of Cell Phone (Ramify) – One of the most read articles.

6. Diet and Myths (Sikha Paul) – Article that dispelled popular dietary myths.

and the one which gets “Pinkjooz-article of the month” is “The Goo Face Twit Syndrome” by Weird Guy.

Congratulations Weird Guy! You receive a Rs 1000 Flipkart gift voucher.

( We found it really difficult to choose the best article and so have decided to award two prizes for the best article starting next month. The first prize worth Rs 1500 of gift vouchers and the second worth of Rs 1000)

Author of the month

This month’s star authors who have kept the Pinkjooz readers busy and still hungry for more are:

1. Rafi Shaik

2. Amritendu

3. Blue Witch

This months “Pinkjooz – Author of the month” is Blue Witch. Congratulations Blue Witch! You receive a Rs 1000 Flipkart gift voucher.

Congratulations to Amritendu, Blue Witch and Rafi Shaik for being our featured writers for the month of June.