Wondy(Francesca Del Rosso)-The Brave Lady



Would not it be nice if life is full of ease and we could float through the flowery beds, like what we imagine with the word “heaven”?

The hard truth is ….life is full of challenges and we should have the power to ‘challenge the challenges’; the earth is not a playground better it’s a battleground.

Well, we can fight with all possible man created challenges and can win the battle: but can we, if the life itself become a challenge?

Wondy (Francesca Del Rosso) left us…..She died of “Cancer”—one of the biggest challenges to our society, a challenge to the medical science, a challenge to the researcher all over the World!

Wondy – a frank, sincere, combative and creative personality who taught many of the people to fight and tear off pieces of life with a smile and to be beautiful even with a shaved head after a painful chemo.

Because she was Wondy, she was incomparable that why she could compare the red chemo to Sangria (a Spanish drink of red wine mixed with lemonade, fruit, and spices). She was suffering from “Cancer” not from any “incurable disease” or “long illness” (which many people say instead of ‘Cancer’ because the name itself indicates the danger!!).

She was a true battalion with combative spirit who lost her life but won many of the battles which will keep her alive forever!.

She was a philosopher, an anthropologist and what not if we see her creations!! She had questioned herself what is she, in one of her blogs she wrote…

“Here I would just like to say what I feel: writer? Blogger? Journalist? Author? Editor? Experimenter? Creator of video?” Yes that was Wondy- a great friend, a great wife and a great mother of three kids.

She wrote: ‘Friendships based on the good are rare, require precise choices, time and awareness, have to overcome many trials and consolidate with time. Friendship is a choice, a deep bond, a source of happiness and also an excellent weapon to face the turning points along the path of life.


With a friend you can cry bitter tears and share immense joys. And when you do not have a friend or a friend nearby? Just open a book and live with the author and his emotions.’


All of her creations can be explored at   http://francescadelrosso.it/bio/.

Words are not enough to explain such an wonderful and unusual personality; she is around us and she will be forever, this is a small tribute to memorize her for ever and ever.

May her soul rest in peace!!

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