Write and Win!


In these past few months Pinkjooz has grown quite a bit. Friends have told there friends and they in turn have told there’s. Many friends have joined us as authors and many more as readers. More than 1000 of those readers have liked us. Now that we have got quite a few authors, we think the good ones among them should be rewarded and encouraged to nurture the Chetan Bhagats and the JK Rowlings in them.
Coming month Pinkjooz will announce the winners in two categories. The ‘Best article award’ and the ‘Best Author Award’. The winners will be decided by the Pinkjooz Team but will mostly depend on the following:

For the best article award:

1) Your article should have a minimum number of errors (grammatical, spelling etc.) and should require little to no edit.

2) The content should not have been plagiarized but instead original and completely yours. The minimum word limit is 450 words.

3) The content should be not only informative, but also entertaining and/or thought provoking.

4) And finally the likes and views that your article gets will also count.

For the best author award:

1) You should have contributed substantially throughout the month.

2) All your articles should have the above mentioned qualities apart from good number of likes and shares.

The winner will be announced on 5th of every month and will get a 1000 Rs worth of gift voucher from Flipkart or a gift card of equivalent value from Amazon. So gear up and load your pen to write your heart out. ( You can also submit your article to us by sending them to pinkjooz@gmail.com)
All the best!
Pinkjooz team.

(p.s. There’s no voting system and the winners will be decided by the Pinkjooz Team. The results once announced will be final. )