(YAOSHANG FESTIVAL) – Holi Manipur Style



Yaoshang festival is one of the most important festival of Manipur. main highlight of the festival is the Thabal chongba (a folk dance). sport festival is also organized in every locality as a part of celebration the festival since the last four to five decade.

The literal meaning of Thabal is ‘moon light ‘ and Chongba means ‘ Dance’, thus ‘dancing in moon light’ in earlier times, this dance was perform in the moon light accompanied by folk songs. the musical instrument used as a( Dholakar ) drum.

Upto the last one century, ths folk dance was performed only in the moon light . later, lanterns were introduce in the Thabal Chongba back in 1950s. beside Dholak (drum) even dishes and metal tubs were also used as drum during that time.

Thabal Chongba is a Manipuri dance where young boys & girls hold their hands they sing and dance, boys wear Phaijom(Dhoti) and girls wear Phanek( loincloth worn by female Meetie ) in Thabal Chongba.

Yaoshang festival is for both young and old, they alight take delight in this joyous festival. songs, dance, drinks, food everything goes in excess when it is time for Yaoshang during the festival, which is celebrated for five days, On the first day of the festival, young boys and girls go door to door for Nakatheng after Yaoshang Meithaba.(bonfire). the money collected is spent on merry making. children take special delight in the festival. colors are applied to a big bunch of friends in there locality.Pichkaris or syringes are also used to drench themselves. Abeer (color). of different bright shades…….. Abeer is made up of small crystals
or paper like chips of mica.

It is said that Holi, an ancient festival of India existed several centuries before Christ. Holi is originally non as ‘Honika”. Holi mark the end of winter gloom and rejoices in the bloom of the spring time and the best time of season to celebrate.

However, literal meaning of Holi is ‘burning’. In Manipur , Holi is celebrated as Yaoshang. instead of fire , a hut is built and then set ablaze. The most prominent legend to explain the meaning of ‘ Holi ‘ is the legend associated with demon king Hiranyakshyap.

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